Chicago Solar Valuation & Consultation

In certain homes, solar power takes the place of normal electrical power systems. Solar systems have the unique quantifiable benefit of generating the home’s electricity, significantly lowering living expenses. The saved costs associated with solar systems should factor into the value of the home when developing an appraisal.

The relative rarity of solar powered rooftops, especially in certain regions, means that appraisals for these homes aren’t commonplace, but Rick Hiton & Associates can give an accurate value for a home with this type of power system.


The Importance of an Experienced Appraiser and Consultants

solar panels on roof

Homeowners who want to get an accurate appraisal for a home with solar rooftop panels need to hire an experienced professional. They may not realize exactly how these systems’ energy-saving technology can increase the property value, causing homeowners settle for a lower value than they’re actually entitled to receive.

An unbalanced appraisal may also come across as dishonest to courts, without a knowledgeable appraiser to put together an accurate appraisal with the proper documentation to support it.

Estimated Value

For an estimated value that sufficiently calculates the lowered cost of home ownership associated with solar systems, a professional appraiser is an invaluable asset, making sure that the home’s appraisal process is as efficient as it is accurate.

Rick Hiton and Associates near Chicago, IL offers not only valuation services for your solar needs, we also can give you an unbiased Solar Consultation so you can then be prepared to discuss your solar needs with solar providers!

Streamlining the Solar Valuation and Appraisal Process

A qualified home appraiser will visit and evaluate your home to take into account its current condition, including the integrity of solar panels, interior and exterior wear or damage,and the condition of appliances and other systems. Appraisers also use a calculating tool to determine the value of PV rooftop solar systems.

The values of other nearby properties also factor into the final value of the home. After working with an appraiser to determine the final value of the home, the courts can decide if the value is agreeable.

Documentation from an Appraiser

With the help of an appraiser who can provide enough documentation to support the appraisal, a judge is much less likely to find the homeowner to be dishonest or unprofessional.

The homeowner can then work with a listing agent to put the property up for sale. Without the help of an experienced appraiser, the appraisal process can take much longer than is necessary, and the final value may be inaccurate to the point of arousing suspicion from the courts or cheating homeowners out of potential sales gains.

Contact an Appraiser for Proper Solar Valuation

Solar panels continue to serve as a popular means of lowering energy costs and making homes more self-sustaining. A home with this type of technology may provide homeowners with a higher market value than they initially thought, and a professional appraiser with experience in solar valuation can help calculate the expenses saved.

Chicago, IL Solar Consultation

If you would like an accurate appraisal for an Illinois Chicagoland home with a contemporary rooftop solar panel system, call Rick Hiton & Associates at 1-847-897-9332 or contact us online at any time to speak with an appraiser. Our rate is $250 an hour for consultation. We’ll help make sure you get the maximum value for your solar-powered home.