Relocation Appraisals by Rick Hiton & Associates

If you are anticipating selling your home or property, you may have heard about relocation appraisals. Relocation appraisals are appraisals that are done on homes about to sell, developed by studying market data and assigning value based on specific guidelines. The analysis of the market data will result in what is called the “Anticipated Sales Price,” which is how the value of the property will be determined at that time.

Rick Hiton & Associates is proud to offer relocation appraisal services to clients all over the Chicagoland area for a number of different types of properties, including commercial real estate, residential properties, and more. Our relocation appraisal services help ensure that your property’s valuation is accurately determined, which can make the selling process a bit easier on you.


How Are Relocation Appraisals Determined?

A professional appraiser will develop an objective opinion of the property, based on factual market data. The appraisal will not be biased toward the seller or the potential buyers.

The appraisal takes into account current market trends as well as historical trends and current factors. This data helps anticipate what market trends will be in the near future, and is therefore part of the analysis in every relocation appraisal process.

It is different from a standard mortgage appraisal because where the mortgage appraisal is used to develop an opinion of the current market value of a property, relocation appraisals are conducted to develop an idea of what the anticipated sale price will be.

Relocation Appraisals in the Chicagoland Area

When Do Relocation Appraisals Need to Be Conducted?

Relocation appraisals are conducted when a homeowner or business owner is getting ready to sell their property. Even if an appraisal was done recently for a refinancing or other reason, if the owner is looking to relocate, an appraisal should be done to determine the proper price to set the property at when it goes to the market.

Creating the most effective ad and coordinating a smooth sale is somewhat dependent on the sale price being an attractive one to potential buyers, and without a relocation appraisal, it can be difficult to determine what the price of the property should be.

Another reason that a relocation appraisal is conducted is because an employee is relocating and the employer wants to facilitate that move. In this situation, the relocation appraisal will help employees sell their property more easily.

Working with Rick Hiton & Associates for a Relocation Appraisal

With over 35 years of real estate experience, we at Rick Hiton & Associates have the skills and expertise necessary to conduct a relocation appraisal for your property to help ensure that you get the most money on the sale. Our services also ensure that your property is accurately valuated, and that your sale process will go a bit smoother.

To learn more about the services we offer, including relocation appraisals, tax assessment bill appeals, divorce appraisals (including property division and dissolution), commercial real estate appraisal, and more, contact us any time. We’re ready to assist you with your real estate valuation needs.