Chicago Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase & FSBO Appraisals

The real estate market is often difficult to navigate, presenting homeowners and realtors with the challenge of looking through massive amounts of market data to determine their home’s true value.

Professional appraisals can make this process easier and more accurate. Rick Hiton & Associates offers appraisals for a variety of homes, with experience in home real estate appraisals for pre-listing, pre-purchase, and FSBOs.


Benefits of Professional Residential Real Estate Appraisals

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With a third-party appraisal, you’ll be able to determine a more accurate true value for your property than you would with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

The main benefit of a pre-listing appraisal is an accurate assessment of a home’s features along with a comprehensive analysis of sales. The resulting realistic listing price can attract more buyers.

Professional Home Real Estate Appraisal

Apart from encouraging more people to consider your home for purchase, a professional home real estate appraisal from an experienced real estate consultant can benefit homeowners and realtors by providing them with a more effective negotiating tool when working with buyers and agents.

By possessing written proof of the home’s estimated value, you’ll be able to inspire more confidence in buyers who may otherwise remain skeptical.

Residential real estate appraisals also make repair problems transparent, which can help you avoid last-minute repairs that can hinder sales. They also help eliminate assessment blind spots that could further negatively impact sales.

Avoid Overpricing and Underpricing Residential Properties

Overpriced homes are difficult to sell. If a set price is inaccurately high for a home, it could culminate in wasted time and effort, with few to no offers for the property. Contrarily, an underpriced home can leave you with less money than you should receive for the property.

A professional appraisal can help avoid both potential issues.

Pre-listing appraisals can help homeowners and realtors determine a true value for nearly any home, and improve the chances of selling homes at a faster rate. Pre-purchase and For Sale By Owner appraisals can also help ensure that a home sells at the right price, leaving both homeowners and buyers satisfied.

Get a Full or Partial Chicago, IL Home Appraisal

Different types of residential real estate require full or partial appraisal. Sometimes a limited property valuation is more suitable, while other properties may require a full valuation of both the exterior and interior.

We can help determine if your property needs a full or partial appraisal.

Rick Hiton & Associates

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