Chicago Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales Appraisals

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In the event of a foreclosure or short sale, it’s important for property owners to get an accurate appraisal for the property prior to foreclosing.

A professional appraisal can help ensure that property is properly assessed, with a fair market value and potential quick sale predictions that coincide with the span of your foreclosure.


Property Appraisal

Whether you’re looking for an appraisal for a home or another type of property, Rick Hiton & Associates can assist you with an accurate and simple appraisal process.

Getting a Professional Pre-Foreclosure Appraisal

A certified appraiser can make the appraisal process easy, providing an accurate assessment of different types of property that can prevent owners from facing a certain foreclosure.

Homeowners in default and mortgage lenders are among the many who can benefit from having an experienced appraiser assess properties for their true value.

In some cases, homeowners neglect homes to the point where the home suffers from damage over time, or intentionally cause it, while others simply don’t allow inspections to take place. An appraiser can help deal with these instances and provide an appraisal that gives you reliable results.

Chicago, IL Pre-foreclosure Appraisers

Pre-foreclosure appraisers examine the physical property and local area surrounding it to figure out the neighborhood’s stability. They can determine the exact value of property based on the stability of the local market, and give an accurate assessment.

Short sales appraisals can help determine the exact mortgage value compared to the property’s current market price.

Hiring Appraisers for Other Types of Properties

Apart from pre-foreclosure and short sales appraisals, Rick Hiton& Associates offers appraisals in the Chicago, Illinois area and Wisconsin for commercial and residential properties.

We offer appraisals for divorce, bankruptcy, estate and date of death, financial planning and trusts, and other purposes. Our appraisers can also provide valuations for solar-powered and LEED-certified properties.

We keep the appraisal process simple and quick, providing you with a true value for your property in accordance with your timeline.

Experienced Appraisers

Rick Hiton has over 35 years of experience with Chicagoland real estate in Illinois, with a team that can provide the best results with a pre-foreclosure appraisal or other type of valuation.

Our consultants can provide appraisals for single or multi-family homes, privately owned businesses, vacant land, and many other types of property. We’ll work with you throughout the appraisal process to make sure you understand each step of the process.

If you would like more information about pre-foreclosure appraisals or other types of appraisals that we offer, contact Rick Hiton & Associates at 1-847-897-9332 or contact us online through our form.