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Many financial and estate clients rely on their planners for the best advice that benefits them in the long term. Rick Hiton & Associates can work with financial and estate planners to provide accurate appraisals that assist with strategizing for clients.

There are several different types of appraisals we can give, whether they’re for insurance purposes, business interests, or other types of strategies.


Get an Appraisal for Single or Multiple Properties

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While financial and estate planners may know how to come up with an effective strategy for clientele, getting an accurate market value for clients’ homes or other types of property may not be their expertise.

An experienced appraiser can properly evaluate single or multiple properties, giving you the right estimate based on the condition of the property, including interior and exterior conditions, roof and siding damage, appliances, and more.

Chicago Property Market Value

The final market value also factors in the value of nearby property. We help ensure the appraisal process is efficient every step of the way. With an appraisal from a qualified real estate appraiser, you can use it for many planning purposes such as trust funds, tax planning, asset updates, estate purposes, and more.

The appraisers at Rick Hiton & Associates near Chicago can also maintain confidentiality to protect the privacy of clients when evaluating and giving a value for their homes. Clients can also have access to reports that explain every aspect of their real estate appraisal, helping to avoid any confusion or mystery.

If you need multiple pieces of property evaluated, our appraisers can provide multiple appraisals for two or more homes.

Appraisals for Retirement Planning Purposes

Seniors who plan on retiring and would like a smooth transition into retirement can also benefit from an accurate appraisal. Our appraisers can make the appraisal process simple and painless, giving senior citizens and their estate planners what they need to effectively settle estate plans.

Seniors can also remain aware of the entire appraisal process, as our appraisers can provide a full explanation beforehand and go over a detailed report following the appraisal. This helps ensure that clients never feeling cheated or in the dark regarding the market value of their property.

With an appraisal from Rick Hiton & Associates, retirees can benefit from a more comprehensive, faster appraisal process that doesn’t add stress to the overall retirement process.

Speak with an Experienced Appraiser Today

To increase the efficiency of the financial or estate planning process, Rick Hiton & Associates is available to provide reliable appraisal services in the Illinois Chicagoland area.

To receive more information about financial and estate planning appraisals, and get started with a professional appraiser today, contact Rick Hiton & Associates by either calling us at 1-847-897-9332 or filling out our online contact form.