Appraisal Services in Walworth, Wisconsin

As a leading appraisal company, Rick Hiton & Associates has provided many types of real estate appraisals for over 35 years throughout the Chicagoland area, along with Walworth, Wisconsin. We can provide Walworth appraisal services for a wide range of properties such as commercial properties, homes, financial institutions, insurance companies, and more.

We can provide appraisals for many types of circumstances.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals in Walworth, WI

Small business owners may need an accurate assessment of their property for a variety of reasons. The professional commercial real estate appraisers at Rick Hiton & Associates can ensure the property receives thorough assessment and proper valuation. Our team of knowledgeable appraisers can perform all of the necessary research and conduct thorough analyses to properly assess your property.


We offer Walworth commercial real estate appraisals for multiple types of properties, including heavy manufacturing, flex or bulk warehouses, and facilities for light assembly. Certain properties may take longer to assess than others, but we work to maintain consistent accuracy and efficiency for each type of valuation.

Walworth Residential Appraisal Services

If you’re a homeowner in need of an accurate assessment for your home, we can assist you. We provide residential appraisals for divorce, bankruptcy, date of death, estate, and other types of appraisals for properties. Rick Hiton & Associates performs the research required for each individual appraisal, offering plenty of expertise in many types of residential appraisals.

Each type of appraisal may take a different amount of time, but we work to keep the process efficient and simple from beginning to end.


LEED Certification Appraisers

Another type of appraisal we offer is LEED property appraisal for both homeowners and business owners, which entails the valuation of properties with one or more “green” features that can affect the final value and qualify the properties for LEED certification. Each appraisal involves the analysis of each of these features to determine the final price, with the same level of efficiency for each appraisal regardless of its extent.

Other Walworth Appraisal Services

At Rick Hiton & Associates, we also offer other types of appraisals, including FSBO, pre-listing, pre-purchase, short sales, and pre-foreclosure appraisals for nearly any property. We’ll work to maintain accuracy throughout each valuation process, with sufficient knowledge and expertise to handle each appraisal and ensure client satisfaction.

If you’re a homeowner who’s paying unnecessary private mortgage insurance (PMI), you can also get PMI cancellation if you have reached 20% equity through home renovations, principal value payments, or appreciation. We can effectively remove these expenses with our PMI removal services.

Get Professional Walworth Property Appraisals Today


For an appraisal of a commercial or residential property of any type, Rick Hiton & Associates is available to provide the best services in Walworth and other locations in Wisconsin. We are ready to assist you with your project today, and keep the appraisal process painless.

To request an appraisal or more information regarding any of our services, contact us at any time.