Accurity United

Accurity United is a leading appraisal firm that serves the Chicagoland area. It operates as an independently owned branch of Accurity Valuation, which is one of the largest nationwide appraisal companies.

Accurity United’s nationwide network allows clients to get appraisals nearly anywhere in the country, with knowledgeable and experienced appraisers available to provide accurate and efficient services.

Expanding Accurity Valuation’s
Nationwide Reach

Rick Hiton and TJ McCarthy founded Accurity United, which merged two of the most established and largest Chicagoland appraisal firms.

Located in Deerfield, Illinois, Rick Hiton & Associates serves as the franchise office for Accurity Valuation. This office serves the Chicagoland area and neighboring counties, along with Southeast Wisconsin. Rick Hiton & Associates has provided personal and professional valuation services for a wide range of properties since 1981, with a team of experienced experts in property valuation and urban economics.

Rick Hiton & Associates is also a certified LEED Green Associate, encouraging sustainability and environmental awareness as contributors to the green building movement. Hiton’s team of appraisers can provide an accurate appraisal based on energy-efficient features and lowered operational costs for various types of properties.

TJ McCarthy & Associates, Rick Hiton’s partner in Accurity United, is located in Tinley Park, Illinois, serving Chicagoland and the surrounding areas in Illinois as well as Northwest Indiana. As reputable consultants and analysts, they have over 40 years of experience in property valuation.

Accurity Valuation’s Nationwide Services

Accurity Valuation is a national provider of valuation services for many types of commercial and residential real estate, with offices located throughout the country. Accurity specializes in residential and commercial properties, offering appraisals for law firms, government agencies, mortgage lenders, risk management firms, and other clients.

As an independent franchise of Accurity Valuation, Rick Hiton & Associates has become a trusted appraiser for many different properties in the Chicagoland area.